Saturday, October 3, 2009

You will not believe what happened.

When said with a smile, those words are always the beginning to a great story. I've loved a good story since I was a little kid sitting around the adults and their conversation, hoping they wouldn't notice I was still in the room before all the family secrets were aired. Today I stepped out for a few minutes to go pick up some takeout for dinner and as we sat down to eat Mr. Maricucu began with, "you will not believe what happened."

Our kids received some wonderful duplo pieces last Christmas that snap together into tunnel formations. Think tube slides like at the park but only about two and a half inches wide. Here they are with my hand for scale.


My husband was changing our son and turned around for what he said was literally one minute. Apparently my middle son, being the typical almost-four-year old he is, jammed these two things up above his elbows. Oh and when I say jammed, I mean jammed, stuck, unable to remove them jammed. As calm and collected as the four year old was when he jammed these rigid plastic curved tubes up on his arms it all melted away when he saw he Now let's take a moment to compare and contrast Mr. Maricucu handling this situation vs. me. I would have a) run around like a chicken with its head cut off freaked at the thought of having to cut them off with some sort of power tool or worse an ER visit with three kids during swine flu season, b) laughed, laughed, laughed until I had tears trailing down my face then grabbed the camera to take pictures. Obviously my son was fortunate momma was not in the house because my husband did not grab the camera (why?!) and he actually moved quickly from, "why the heck would you shove these on your arms?" to, "let's use some of this sunblock to try to get them off." Phew, crisis averted.

But at least now you all know why Mr. Maricucu sports a pretty dashing head of silvering gray hair (which I love by the way).



Marin!! said...

Hee hee...thanks for a chuckle tonight.

I am not laughing at what happened, mind you, just at your description of how you would have handled it compared to how Mr. T (I can just imagine him saying, "I pity the poor fool!") handled it. :)

Marielle said...

Oh man I'm LOVING the idea of calling him Mr. T! Especially since we were both big time A Team fans (how's that for dating ourselves?). Glad to have provided the chuckle, heck I was laughing myself especially since I wasn't the one stuck trying to figure out how to dislodge the child.