Monday, October 12, 2009

A little break

Mr. Maricucu shooed me out the door over the weekend to take a little break. Giddy, I jumped in the car and hit the fabric store anxious to peruse the newly organized apparel fabric aisles and actually read labels and prices (not possible with kids, at least with my ADD). Once I reaquainted myself with their knits, corduroys and twills I moved on to the other fabrics for some projects I have in mind.

Some felt in yummy colors for a special birthday surprise. Also managed to buy some Kona cotton in white for what I hope is the first non baby quilt.


A variety of fat quarters for another special birthday surprise. Definitely colors and prints I normally wouldn't pick as I'm the big, loud red floral queen. Still, fabric is fabric and working with it is a pleasure.


Of course I had to hit their remnant section and found a large chunk of insul-brite, a hunk of navy cotton/lycra knit and two pieces of fleece that just happened to be in the current favorite colors of kid1 and kid2. A big cone of cotton yarn in ecru because you never know when the inspiration will hit for a little quickie knit/crochet project. I've been itching to make another biscuit blanket, the first living quite happily in my mom's home.


And finally because deep down in my heart, despite my current aversion to clutter that needs to be dusted I still need a teensy bit of cute. An emery filled strawberry to rehab my much used and abused pins.


So spill it, what do you when you have a moment to yourself? Coffee, reading, sky diving, cycling, shopping, visiting?


Chula said...

Lately.... read your blog =).

Marielle said...

Awww you're so sweet. Glad to provide a respite for someone.