Tuesday, October 6, 2009

She's back!

Bertha's back and in business. Here she is sporting the hospital gown equivalent for sewing machines. I picked her up without incident although it seems the last time I broke a needle it made a pinhole in the bobbin case to the tune of a new bobbin case. Oddly enough the genteel lady at the repair shop chided me on all the dust under the bobbin case and that, "these machines are not made for heavy duty quilting."


Well let's see, I had just finished my mom's gift so I knew the machine was pretty dusty. However, not made for heavy duty quilting? I know I've got all of a handful of quilting projects under my belt but I'm still puzzled when I come across people who want to treat sewing machines with kid gloves. Guess I'm a slave driver.

Betty goes back to retirement but she's a dependable sort. I'm sure we'll use her often again and she will eventually be the kids' machine when they get old enough to want to sew more often and without momma hovering over them.


Meet my new favorite snack. That wonderful bread that everyone's made a million times with softened butter and caramelized onions. Mmmmm, carbs.


Sometime later this week - melt in your mouth pot roast. Because it's chilly, it's fall and this will make you want to lick your plate.



kawaii crafter said...

Those caramelized onions on the bread are making me hungry, yum. Going to check out the bread link now.

Marielle said...

ahh, my work is done if I've made someone else crave too. LOL Glad to have provided a useful link.