Monday, October 5, 2009

The joys of public televesion.

It's no secret that my oldest loves to draw. The other day I came across some classic Bob Ross on PBS and to my amusement he found it quite interesting to see the paintings come to life. I remember the fascination myself. My dad has always been enthralled by the show and I would find myself walking across the living room and having to sit down and watch along with him.

So here I am trolling google video for some interesting Bob Ross clips to show the child when I stumbled across a legion of parodies as well as people who emulate his technique. This version using spray paints and paper is amazing. Seriously to see a blank canvas, envision this, then make it happen. I'm in awe.

This one is more straightforward but still pretty neat. Although I'll admit I was loving it until he added the color wash at the end. Still, pretty talented.

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