Friday, June 26, 2009

Random tips


Friends have heard me say before that I consider myself a repository for useless or trivial information. Somehow I forget mundane things throughout the day but if you wanted to know that hydrogen peroxide is great for treating stains or how to use freezer paper to applique fussy fabrics, I'm your gal.


So today I figured I'd share two random tips that have been rocking my world this week. Admittedly it doesn't take much to rock my world but these are still pretty neat. Fruit flies are definitely a pain in home right now. Sometimes they come home with a piece of fruit or are let in by the kids opening and not closing the back door. Either way they reproduce quickly and are annoying.

I usually set up this simple fruit fly trap in each affected room. Just pour in about 1" of either apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar or wine. Then dribble in about 1/8" of vegetable oil. The fruit flies are attracted to the vinegar and are caught in the vegetable oil.


Not to gross you out first thing in the morning but just some photos to show that it works. When you've caught them, dump out the liquid. I save a few of these jelly jars to use for this purpose.

My second tip is using automatic dishwasher detergent to flash soak pots and pans. Not the handwashing detergent but the stuff you put in your dishwasher. One of the ingredients that loosens food is so effective that adding a teaspoon to your pan and then filling with water loosens everything up in about 5-10 minutes no matter how crusty and dried up the food.

So now it's your turn to share. What tips have been rocking your world? I just love adding new ones to the arsenal even if I can't remember what day of the week it is.


Denise said...

wow - I can't think of any useful tips just yet- but if my brain loosens up I'll come back and add one. LOL Thanks- I really needed the fruit fly one. I had read before about using the red wine vinegar- but not with oil- instead you put saran wrap with tiny holes on top. Didn't really work so I'm excited to try this. I can use the other tip as well! Thanks!

Marielle said...

I'm glad to have helped, they really are a nuisance aren't they?

I'm up for any tips, beauty, home, garden, crafting. I'm still excited about the book jacket idea too.

Denise said...

well, i'm an idiot- i just realized i have a whole book on tips- my MIL gave me 2 years ago! LOL. I'll find something and email you! LOL

carrie said...

oooo thank you thank you thank you!

we have just learned the preventative measure of drain cleaning in our new house . . . baking soda down the drain chased by vinegar and later followed by hot water once a month seems to be getting everything here into shape!

i'm also a lazy watering slacker. on days i see the garden is thirsty i break out the little kids pool. the kids play for a couple hours then i bring out the watering cans. oooooooo they spend the next hour making trips back and forth - the pool gets empty, they have fun, and i smile.

also off topic, but seems like something you would enjoy - we avoid the expense of pjs. i find cute boxers are cheap . . . then i just pull out some of my stash of old white tanks and either sew on a cute piece of fabric in the same theme as he boxers (frogs etc) or break out the sharpies and doodle a bit. ta-da! if i get brave i think i'll let the kids do their next set . . .

Marielle said...

Denise you're a hoot! No pressure though.

Carrie I love it ! The jar idea is a doh! moment for me. I'll definitely be using that especially since I also keep a chopped salad in a vinaigrette ready in the fridge read to add to greens but usually in a bowl. Now I can have a jar of cucumbers and another for chopped salad. Ooh and yum on the recipe.

I'm also loving the sharpie idea for matching PJs.

Keep them coming ladies I just love it.