Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Knitting UFOs

People who aren't into handicrafts or any type of hobby often wonder why those of us who are, have so many projects in progress. I can only speak for myself but having at least one long and involved project going on (like the ripple) and something smaller, more instant gratification like the shorts means I can flit between projects depending on my mood and still have something to do with my hands.

Recently I've been having trouble deciding what to cast on the needles next or even what to hook. Fiber paralyzed, me?! Oh yes. So I took a little trip through the stash humble as it may be to see if something jumped out at me when I saw this hand towel. I started it about two years ago when I first started to knit and read Mason Dixon Knitting. It's the linen chevron hand towel except mine is done in mercerized cotton #3 crochet thread (on size 5 needles). I did only one small chunk of chevrons at the bottom and then continued in stockinette for the rest of the towel keeping the side borders intact. I never intended to finish it but right about the time I decided to rip it out my mom visited and begged me to finish it and let her have it. That was two years ago and when I saw it yesterday I delighted in finding something already started that would have a super easy repeat. Maybe I'll finally get around to finishing it this time. I can't wait to see what the chevrons will look like after blocking.

Note: If you're a knitter who's wondering about me giving my mother a hand towel of all things that requires blocking, rest assured. My mother is one of the few non fiber people I know who is as fastidious about blocking/pressing/smoothing her linens as a knitter can be.

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