Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The golden garden

No not mine. The kids' garden. I find it hysterically ironic that I'm so inept at this gardening thing and yet my children seem to have inherited some golden fingertips from both sides of the family that turns a garden into this.

This is an old box - officially my starter garden from last year. I had a bunch of seeds that had overwintered in the garage before I knew better so I gave them to the kids to toss in this box one afternoon. They threw in seeds by the handful, in random places and in concentrations that would give most gardeners the heebeejeebeees. I thought for sure it would be a truck and digging plot and that none of the seeds would germinate. Apparently I like being wrong. I water it when I remember and sometimes pull the occasional weed for them but other than that it's flourishing on its own. Look at those tomato seedlings!

I'm pretty sure this is canteloupe and what's sad is that I had to buy a seedling for my own garden while they have a forest of melon vine.

This is my only contribution. The cilantro that self seeded from last year and those twiggy things are my attempts at rooting a rose bush cutting. Obviously I couldn't have a green thumb even if I dunked it in tempera paint.

See these beautiful green beans? Mine were eaten by slugs while still an inch tall. The kids' green beans? They have a huge mound with tons of flowers. I gave up on mine and will be harvesting theirs. I'm sure they won't mind.

I honestly have no clue what this one is. Anyone know? It's fuzzy so could be the mini watermelon I never got to germinate last year.

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