Friday, June 12, 2009

If you've ever wondered that I'm a tad OCD . . .

Wonder no more. A work in progress and preview of the 2009 spice tin project.

Let's just say that the label maker and I are good friends. Yet not good enough friends to actually keep me organized. Sigh. I digress.

Tomorrow, my favorite carrot recipe and I'm not a carrot lover.


Stacy said...

Ha! I finally decided that I *liked* my spice drawer unorganized. No one else in the house saw the need for alphabetical spices. The lego drawers, however, are all nicely labelled. They make me so happy. My husband just shakes his head and smiles, bless his heart.

Marielle said...

Yeah, my husband thinks I'm odd for a host of reasons. Maybe one day I'll let him get into it on here LOL.

Do share the lego organization PLEASE. We have tons of duplos and a small sampling of the small legos and I'm literally wracking my brain in advance on how to tackle that organization once the time comes.