Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did I mention they liked firefighters?

My boys are firefighter obsessed. It's firefighter this and firefighter that morning, noon and night. They have uniforms, helmets, masks, fire stations and trucks galore. We have a permanent rotation of Fireman Sam and the Little Hardhats realistic firefighter movie that came free with a tonka truck. I keep telling Mr. Maricucu that we need to make backup copies of those two DVDs because the inevitable day that they become too scratched up to play is not going to be pretty.

Because of Fireman Sam all I hear is about the fire at Betsy's house and pointed questions about why am I using all the available power sockets in the electrical outlet and won't that start a fire? He says it with glee though so I'm pretty sure he's looking forward to the day momma sets the house on fire. When we go grocery shopping there are always several stops in front of fire exits, fire hose connectors and fire alarms like we're tourists at a museum. I'm sure the shoppers at BJs find it interesting when I have a baby and two boys staring at a plain white wall with a fire alarm lever attached. Every time it's the same questions on what happens when the fire starts, what happens when the fire alarm is activated, how the exit works, and most importantly how none of this should happen unless there is a REAL fire or we're all busted. I'm sure that they don't do mom and baby mugshots down a the precinct but if you see one, you'll know exactly why.

So it's no surprise that lately during quiet time (officially this mom's favorite part of the day) given a dry erase marker and a whole expanse of white board this is what he draws. Meticulously. Every day. The SAME picture. Uh huh. In case you can't tell that's the fire exit, with a sprinkler overhead and the alarm bell. To the left of the fire exit is the alarm lever and to the right is the piping and valve to connect the fire hoses. The two sticks at the bottom right are some random valve/pipes at BJs and the two boxes to the right of the sprinklers I think are lights. The fire extinguisher is above the alarm level.

Let's see, observation skills? Check. Art? Check. Fire safety skills? Check. Early indicators of reading/spelling/writing? Check, check and check.

P.S.: He knows fire is spelled with an "E" but ran out of room and decided aesthetics mattered more than proper spelling. Alarm was a new word that he sounded out then asked me how it was spelled post picture.

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