Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm sorry

I'm so sorry I've made this muffin recipe twice this week and still haven't stopped munching them to take step by step photos. I will soon but in the meantime all you get is these photos of the latest incarnation. Raspberry. Yum.

I've simplified the recipe using melted butter, added a bit of whole wheat flour for flavor and texture , a slosh of vanilla and using whatever fruit I have in the freezer. Today I had some very tart raspberries in the freezer that the boys did not enjoy eating straight so in the muffin batter they went.

After baking the muffins smelled of pure raspberry jam. I've loved every bite and only after eating way too many did I think of snapping a few quick picturesto immortalize the flavor.

P.S.: You'll notice my mom is posting in the comments now. Hi mami! If you've never met my mom but have met me she's like me the 10th power. Talks more, gives more, does more.


Stacy said...

Those look delicious. I managed the banana muffins yesterday afternoon, and they're almost gone as of breakfast today. Yum.

carrie said...

Already knew she had to be a truly amazing woman to have taken part in your life journey! hard to imagine you to the 10th though :)

Marielle said...

Yay! Stacy I'm so glad you enjoyed the banana ones.

Carrie you are too kind but my mom is definitely the original. ;)