Monday, June 8, 2009

A new furry little friend . . .

Of the plush variety. No more living pets for a while around here as the ones we have cause enough of a ruckus.

One day when the oldest was eagerly awaiting his little brother's arrival and I was running out of things to do with a large 9 month belly that would entertain a two year old I decided to pop into Build A Bear. He hadn't really been into plush toys before then but that day he was entranced with a bear in the front section. I figured it wouldn't hurt to add a friend and new comfort item and at the very least pumping the peddle to stuff the item would be entertainment. So he built Mr. Bear, a classic looking super soft brown bear. Once younger brother was around 18 months old the idea of building a buddy for him came up so we added Woofie for him as well as Fluffy for the oldest (couldn't be left out that day). Surprisingly Woofie, Fluffy and Mr. Bear have been played with quite often. After adding the waldorf dolls I made them last Christmas to the peanut gallery, their pretend play has been quite entertaining for me to watch.

So, this weekend Mr. Maricucu thought it would be a nice change of pace to allow the olders to build the baby a new buddy. I carefully steered them away from the shocking pink, green and purple polka dot plushies and they finally were lured to the jack russell terrier. The Build A Bear stuffer person (what's the official title?) encouraged the peddle pushing and they took to it with glee. She allowed both boys to christen a heart for the bear with their well wishes and rubbing so the baby's plushie has two hearts! Sounds kind of strange now that I think of it but it was sweet.

After dutifully cleaning up the doggie, both boys joined Mr. Maricucu aka keeper of all technology to name the new friend and fill out the birth certificate.

Meet Jack - yes I know. Jack is the baby's new buddy and if history repeats itself will join a well loved menagerie of friends. That's if he survives the loving.

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