Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Mr. Maricucu. He's a great Dad and a wonderful husband who we all love. This year's batch of DAD photos for his frame at work and since he knows our children inside out, he'll appreciate the lengths to which I had to go in order to get three decent shots. Nothing like a five year old giving direction to his headstrong three year old brother. Wasn't pretty. The baby? She just wanted to eat the letters. I say this every year, next year I take a few pictures with the letters every month so we avoid the pressure filled one day shoot.


Here's the big guy himself. I have to say that when we got married I tried to imagine what Mr. Maricucu would be like as a dad. He has definitely exceeded my expectations. He's quite an introvert who pushes himself out of his comfort zone constantly for his children and his extroverted wife. He only gets more handsome with the years too.


And lest I get a thorough talking to, let's not forget my Papi, seen here with me at three years old and my sister 2 weeks old. I love my dad and we get along about as well as two stubborn first born children can. With lots of love and lots of head butting, but most of all love. I just let him think he's right sometimes and do my own thing. He loves having his little herd of grandkids and constantly reminds me to have "more, more, more". Um, yeah I'll take that under advisement.

Good grief I just realized I'm older than my dad was when this picture was taken.


Here's Poppa A., my father in law and as he's known to his four children - daddy. Can you see the amazing resemblence? I tease Mr. Maricucu all the time that I know exactly what he'll look like in a few decades. Poppa A. loves his grandchildren mightily.


For the men that provide guidance, wisdom, and love in our families - Happy Father's Day to you all.


Anonymous said...

I see the pictures keep popping out. Love you, sis. Say Happy Daddy's day to T.

P.S. Mom says hi; Dad hasn't seen it . . . yet. LOL

Marielle said...

Thanks a bunch sis, hope Father's Day was fun at your house too.

Marin!! said...

Oh Marielle! I love the DAD pics of the kids. Just precious.

I know I have been MIA. We were gone, then sick, then the computer was in the shop until last night! Phew.

Marielle said...

eek! Pretty eventful huh? Glad to see you back and *blush* thank you for the compliments.