Wednesday, July 8, 2009



I don't consider myself a lucky person. Although Mr. Maricucu would disagree and say I was lucky enough to marry him, har har. Seriously though I'm just not a lucky person. Blessed? Beyond measure. Loved? No doubt, by my family and friends who really do it selflessly. But lucky? Not really. I've entered so many raffles and giveaways in my life but I've won two in thirty-two years. Not exactly decent odds by any standards. The first was a box of full sized hair products from a very pricey salon hair products company that had me squealing when the UPS guy delivered it. That was back in the day before children and I could sit in the shower deciding what combination of shampoo, conditioner and gel I would use that day. Sigh, to have that time back. Whoah, back to the original topic Marielle.

My losing streak lasted a good seven years before I entered a blog giveaway at LiEr's blog, Ikat Bag. I was all set to make a strap for my camera when I saw she was giving away one she made. I commented, went about my business and then my jaw dropped when I read my name on her winner announcement post!


Then over the weekend I received a manila envelope which had me squealing again for joy at an unearned gift. Beautifully wrapped, with a hand stamped tag. Can I just say that I love receiving hand stamped items especially since I'm so inept at detailed items like scrapbooking and the various paper arts.


As a person who sews I indulge in checking out the details of something handmade. Not in a pick it apart sort of way. More in a, "wow, check out the precise rows of stitching. Oh look, the connectors and tabs are just like my canon strap!" But the best part is the unique touch of having a fabric strap like no one else's instead of advertising for the camera manufacturer.


I couldn't get a picture of it on the camera since I was shooting with the camera but it works wonderfully and aside from being a generous blogger, LiEr is a skilled sewist generous with her tutorials as well. Thanks so much LiEr, for the giveaway and blog content.



LiEr said...

What kind words, Marielle! It's very funny (for me, anyway) seeing stuff I made on someone else's tabletop. I am so glad the strap will work for your camera. My husband has been happily using his, too. Have a great day, and thank you for posting about this!

Marielle said...

It's the least I could do for such a wonderful gift. Thanks a bunch for stopping by.

I totally understand the seeing a project pictured in someone else's home or in use. My mom was totally impressed with the strap.