Friday, July 3, 2009

Her mastermind plan is working.


From the moment her first grandchild was born my mother's sole purpose was to win each one over so well that the beginning of each visit they would pick up right where she and the child left off. I think it's definitely starting to happen.


She's definitely won them over and building her own little fan club here at chez Maricucu.


Oldest child who speaks out the wazoo, meet abuela who speaks even in her sleep. Oh yes, I do believe she's won them over.


Marin!! said...

I wanted to comment on this post the other day but it wouldn't let me!

Anyway, I LOVE these pictures! It looks like she has a wonderful relationship particular to each kiddo. Also, check out all the teeth on Miss N! :)

Marielle said...

My mom loved reading your comment Marin! Thanks for the picture love. She definitely meets each child where they are and they can tell. Plus a grandma that lets you run the show is way more fun than a tired 'ol mom or dad.

Yes Miss N. just got the two uppers as well and is walking. Wayyy to fast for this momma. Hope all is well and to see you soon.