Thursday, July 2, 2009

Remains of the day


Crumbs from a flaky, baked-that-day cuban pastelito brought by Federal Abuela Express. My mom arrives like probably every other loved one to visit their children and grandchildren - loaded up with particular things that each person likes. I keep telling her all she has to bring is herself but like any good grandparent she just can't help herself.

For me, it's no surprise my mom arrived with cuban pastries in hand, a bag full of frozen pastel en hojas (like tamales but with plaintains) in her suitcase and about 40lbs of fresh vegetables in that same suitcase. The veggies are from local markets in her area and she loves bringing me deals even if sporadically. But my favorite? Oh yeah, the calorie laden guava and cheese pastry.


Anonymous said...

Es para mi un honor servir de correo para saciar
esos antojitos que te transportan atu ninez,
y sobre todo cuando tu eres parte de esa etapa de tu vida.

Marielle said...

Gracias mami, ya te estamos hechando de menos y los ninos dicen que cuando viene abuelo tambien.