Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fans, Family and Fourth

So what happens when your mom visits and you are both notorious for being talkers? The talk so loud your husband thinks it's the fighting voice but it's not and involves lots of hand gestures? Ummm, yeah super late night talks and morning lack of sleep hangovers. Sorry for the late post but I've been thoroughly enjoying Mr. Maricucu having some time off, my mom being here and the summer weather.

Today we'll be grilling a few burgers, making sure the dogs don't go nuts with the fireworks around us and probably introduce my mom to Mr. Maricucu's and my guilty pleasure - Bridezillas. I know, you're so shocked.

So what about the fans? I love sharing this blog with my friends near and far. You all indulge me in commenting on my ramblings, endless pictures of my kids and the garden. My family also reads this blog which for me serves as a tool to keep them updated on the kids. A couple of weeks ago my sister told me that I have a new fan I haven't even met. Meet my brother in law's grandparents. Everyone wave to abuelito and abuelita from Chicago!


It seems my sister told abuelita about my blog and showed it to her on her last visit. Much to my glee she loves Maricucu. I'm just tickled that she thinks me spewing my brains out and posting pictures of my silly little undertakings is fun for her. And guess what? Abuelita is a crafter too! Check out this little purse she knit and then embellished with crochet. See why she likes the blog? I love how crafting bridges generations.


But above all, abuelito and abuelita are loving great grandparents to my three nephews which is what earns them a place of honor in my mind. Here are the little guys and it seems I'm not the only mom with photo-allergic kids.


Hope you spend the Fourth of July relishing in the freedom to enjoy your home, your family and whatever the pursuit of happiness may look like in your neck of the woods.

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