Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get ready to laugh

I just realized yesterday's post was my 100th. Sure didn't take long but then again I'm a talker. I try to limit my funny video postings to once a week but in celebration of this milestone I figured I'd have to make you laugh.

Go ahead, swallow what you're drinking and if you're like me you'll want to take a restroom break. Then watch this. Jeanne is a native North Carolinian and former Miss North Carolina with comedic timing to rival Lucille Ball. Thanks to the person who posted this on the board.

Epilogue: I have to admit that Mr. Maricucu is a rocking grocery shopper. It's only been once or twice he's grabbed some lowfat stuff instead of the full fat stuff I usually buy and even then I tease him about wanting to put the family on a diet. I was pretty spoiled since for the past year he's done all the grocery shopping in this household (which entails three different stores on a weekly basis) until a couple of months ago. For that I'll be eternally grateful as I find grocery shopping with three kids to be such a toss up. Some days are great, we're having fun and getting through the store quickly and then other days we have meltdowns before we get in from the parking lot. My thanks to the entertaining cashier that chats up my older boys, the bagger that plays peekaboo with the baby and the grandma types that shoot me understanding looks in the frozen food section.

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