Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm so easily amused

I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse but it's the truth. So remember my obsession with the Breakin' movies from the 80s? Now I'm going to share that I'm completely enthralled with the Hillshire Farms "go meat" commercials. I know, hang my head in shame but I can't help it. Maybe it's my penchant for musicals or breaking out in dance/song in public places but the absurdity of cheer chanting coming out of odd places tickles my funny bone.

So because I would feel unproductive if I didn't let you waste time along with me, tada! My favorites all in one spot. You're welcome.

This one I find hilarious and I dare anyone to not whoo! at the end of the commercial. It's impossible. Whoo!

Note to self: Must convince Mr. Maricucu to start shouting while he grills. Will report back on whether the neighbors join in or not.

I can't help but think of my former college student brother when I see this one. Especially since the guy would paint himself in white & blue paint for football gatherings. I'll let him explain that one some other day.

I remember hearing the words "bang, bang, choo choo train" in their original incarnation. That's when you know you're old. When commercials are ripping off the songs you remember from your youth.

Finally, the classic that started it all. "You hungry, you hungry, yo momma says you hungry!" I did make the flag corps in school but moved away before the season started. Seriously, if you know me you'd know how out of character that little fact is. Apparently I'm reliving my stunted desire by watching these commercials.


Tanyia said...

I'm lauging out loud here and the children are just giving me strange looks!!

Marielle said...

LOL - I can't help but watch the top one again.