Thursday, May 14, 2009


Local North Carolina strawberries. Our yearly haul and overdose began last week and continues this week in full force. I've frozen some for jam making later this month, tons for snacking throughout the year and will be freezing some for ice cream making this summer. Of course the boys have been eating their weight in berries and I can't blame them when they're just so delicious and deep red through the center.

Anyone know what I can do with all these plastic clamshell containers? I'd hate to toss them if we can reuse them.

Tops, lopped off and ready for the compost pile.

Oh and here's my view most of the day as I try to get things done lately. The baby, tugging at my pants to pick her up. How can I say no? So onto my back in the mei tai.

If there's any doubt she's comfortable, here she is 10 minutes later. Works every time.


Marin!! said...

Ahhh...strawberries! I hope you ate some ice cream while you were there.

Miss N is so cute. I wouldn't be able to resist either.

Marielle said...

Nah, no ice cream this time. Ended up dropping by the farmer's market wholesale building for these. Thanks for the reminder though, we definitely have to make a Porter's ice cream run. ;)

Carrie said...

love your sleeping snug lass!

we save the clam shell containers for harvesting here. perfect for picking and storing cherry tomatoes, herbs, berries peas, beans etc . . .

i also have a stash of them saved for tiny fabric scraps that i just know i'll use for something (or not) . . . it is nice to be able to see inside and still have uniform sized storage in the cabinet.

Marielle said...

Ohh so many ideas! I love the fabric scrap catalog system and the harvesting reuse idea is awesome. I knew I'd get some great suggestions.