Friday, May 22, 2009

The farm

My mom loves keeping up to date on the kids and our homeschooling adventure. Today we toured a local sheep farm - courtesy of the homeschooling group and a friend that organized the tour. We'd had a long night and I was even sure if this morning anyone (read: me) would have the stamina to get going and packed up for a midmorning tour. I'm so glad we did though. The children had a blast.

We viewed a beekeeping demonstration and sampled some of the most delicious raw honey I've ever had. A faint orangey citrus flavor and a creaminess that prevented the honey from being cloying.

They must have hundreds of hives.

We were able to see the sheep from afar, then closer to pet and finally were allowed in the sheep field to roam. The sheep did a great job at herding the children.

I was amazed at the variety of creatures on this farm. They keep turkeys, geese, ducks, have a few peacocks, guinea hens and chickens.

The peacock was hysterical. When it caught sight of the group it immediately went on attention to let us know who's boss.

Oh and did I mention - bunnies! Angora rabbits and plenty of bunnies to nuzzle which the kids did ever so willingly.

By far the hit of the tour was when Mr. B. allowed the boys to hammer nails with a real hammer in an impromptu "here moms this will keep them busy" moment. Duly noted Mr. B. and thank you so much - we'll be implementing that soon.

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