Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthday Part 2

Wow, it was such a fun day. Nothing earth shattering but the little details and those who love me are what made the day special. Like my children being shushed by Mr. Maricucu so I could sleep in. Having them wake me up with hugs, cards and a gift. Pictures Mr. Maricucu slipped in of the kids and a massage gift certificate from a local spa I'll get to use next week. I'm so excited, I've never had a massage!

Slipping into a nice outfit, the first pretty sandals of the season (a gift from my mom last year) and going out to a yummy Cuban lunch with the family. Ate way too much but the craving is satiated - until next month. Then picking up a tart from a local French bakery that just about knocked me over with fresh strawberry aroma. I will definitely be getting a tart pan to recreate some more at home.

Coming home to a myriad of Facebook happy birthday wishes from many a friend and family member. Receiving calls and emails from many family members spread far and wide wishing me the same. They've totally made my day and more than that made me smile. A thoughtful surprise left by a friend on my front porch. I just had to document it, from the hand stamped card and matching envelope, to the beautiful chocolate cake rose inside and she even tucked in a few minis to deter the boys from eating the larger one. She's a mom too and understands. I've saved the box and will be putting it to good use too.

A mini photoshoot to satisfy my mom who always says I'm behind the lens and not in front of it often enough. Being a mom I captured my favorite subjects along with me.

Finally, this morning my brother is accepting his college diploma and we could not be more proud. Between a very well educated sister who is currently working on her master's and a brother who has a passion for children, sports and education, I could not be more proud of my younger siblings. B. may God bless you on the next step of your journey.

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