Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bump in the road

The good news is I had cleaned out my sewing room and was ramping up making things again. I even started the baby's bobble dress from the purlbee pattern. Here is the result of two days at my leisure.

The not so good news is I'm now sick with a cold so I had to set it aside. When you can't even think straight to single crochet - that's a problem. Ironic that the middle child went into the ER to be checked out after a head injury and blessedly was fine. One popsicle, two stickers and a lost night of sleep later he happily skips into the house with a newly acquired runny nose from the waiting room. Yay.

Not. I just can't wait to see how much the hospital will charge for said popsicle, stickers and 5 hour wait.


Marin!! said...

Oh no! What a scary experience for you guys! I am glad to hear that the only things that came out of the ER visit were an extremely overpriced popsicle and sticker.

Sorry to hear that you are sick. You know how I feel about that (sick=mama hell). Do you need me to pick anything up for you? I would be happy to bring you whatever you need.

I hope you feel better soon!

Marielle said...

Oh thank you so much for the sympathies to my whining. I appreciate the offer, thankfully (for me I guess not him) the hubs has time off and is nursing us back to health.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marin for take care about my family.

Ligia (Marielle's Mom)