Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crocheted Shower Puff

This was pretty fun to make. I saw the pattern on One Pretty Thing's Daily DIY and had to pick up the hook. It's a pretty meditative pattern which is a great excuse to finally crochet a hyperbolic plane.

I did have misgivings, since it's made of cotton yarn and very dense I was afraid it would not dry well between uses. I'm not big on mold or mildew but figured crocheting it was fun, so I'd finish. I finally gave it a try this morning and the verdict is? It's a really neat item but not scrubby enough for me in the shower. Plus it did get soggy and heavy. I have another one in the process using a #10 crochet thread on the same K hook and we'll see if that better simulates the traditional mesh bath pouf. The baby was so in love with the puff that I'm considering making one for her to just gum. Why? Because we have teeth!

Okay enough with the baby swooning. I started off in the orange yarn, then the baby tangled the remains of the ball when I walked away. I started in the yellow/white ombre and ran out of yarn. Figuring I only needed a bit more I started on the remnants of the rainbow yarn. The rainbow finished while I was crocheting with babe asleep on my lap so I grabbed the tangled orange and spent way too much time untangling it just to have something to do with my hands (it's a sickness, I know). Ran out of that too and finally pulled out a whole ball of the white. So when you read the pattern and she says you need 4oz of yarn, believe her. Mine is definitely festive and a good way to use scraps.

The pattern is simple, just a small circle and then you increase tremendously each stitch to make a super ruffled circle that just curls almost onto itself. This is what the first row looks like (crocheting 6 dc into that one chain). The orange version I ripped out.

The third and final row is what transforms it into a pouf. Here's an inside shot.

I've mentioned before that although I am a perfectionist, type A, OCD, crafter I still do it for the process. Making something with my hands is alternately an outlet and an exercise in focus.

I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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