Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby dress is finished

First, let me admit that sewing baby clothes is over rated especially for the way they grow. However it was fun to delve into Ottobre even though I made several mistakes along the way which were not limited to sewing the bodice on inside out, seam ripping then sewing the bodice different than the directions said and let's not mention how some pattern pieces did not fit due to me thinking I could eyeball adding the seam allowances. Why I thought that when I even have trouble parallel parking is beyond me. I also realized midway that my machine's tension was off and I fiddled with that for two days.

I reclaimed fabric from a maternity dress I bought when I was pregnant for the first time. It was the dress I wore to my baby shower so I enjoyed wearing it and had fond memories. The pattern was okay but I find it fits a bit wide in the bodice and the tiers of the skirt are not as wide or long as I'd like. I think next time I'd make the bodice in the 68cm and the skirt pieces in the next size up.

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