Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shorts for the boy

I'm so pleased with these shorts. This is yet another Ottobre Designs pattern, specifically issue #2 from 2005. My first time tackling both functional pockets and a faux fly. Thanks to a fellow sewing mom (you rock A.!) for the stamped twill tag idea. I see plenty of these details in our future.

As far as putting them together, as usual Ottobre has a flawless pattern and great instructions. Due to sewing late at night and over analyzing said instruction I ended up sewing the legs together in the front. Plenty of seam ripping when you've serged and topstitched a seam shut. Oy. Then I put the yoke together wrong. Unpick, rip, rip, rip. Finally I'm plodding through the waistband eager to take pictures in the daylight and I didn't sew it on right so had to seam rip that as well. If you know me I'd rather make a new garment than seam rip but I'm slowly getting over that.

The verdict from the child is that the shorts are comfy and I noticed he didn't want to take them off the minute he came back in the house which means - success! Now to make some for the youngest and if I streamline the sewing a bit I'll make many more for both of them. Notes on the pattern and sizing - I traced one size smaller than their usual size for a slim fit and took off 4" of length to reach below the knee instead of right above ankle height. I have plenty of this fabric and it felt great so I might even make myself a nice little A line skirt with a yoga waist band. We'll see.

Apparently there's not enough candy in this house to bribe a five year old to stand still for a modeling shot.


Stacy said...

Those look wonderful! I love the stamped twill idea. I think I might need to invest in some Ottobre back issues when I get my sewing machine functioning again. It's so hard to find good looking boy-clothes to sew.

Marielle said...

aww I'm sorry the sewing machine is out of commission. Ottobre is awesome for the boy stuff and their size range is pretty decent.