Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It only took 2 years

This cute little silk sweater has seen better days. But in its prime was on a weekly rotation in my wardrobe. I loved it so much I spent some time two years ago tracing the sleeves, front and back pieces to see if I could tweak it a bit and make myself some basic tshirts.

Yesterday in the throes of "oh I'm feeling a little better" I finally sewed up the pieces I cut out two years ago. Since this was a muslin (what sewists call a tester garment), I cut it out of an old polo style shirt Mr. Maricucu put in the donate pile. I also took advantage of the finished hems in the shirt and cut my sleeves and front/back pieces lined up with the hems.

I like it okay but it definitely needs some tweaking. I can see from the side view, those pull lines mean I need to do more of a full bust adjustment. From the front I'm not crazy about the neckline. I've never liked super high necklines and I prefer v-necks. I'm not talking about letting things spill out but about 2-3" lower to elongate the neckline and put less emphasis on the bust fullness. Last, the sleeves aren't great. I think the original being a little more lightweight and knitted made for a more fitted sleeve. The sleeve on my muslin sticks out and looks more casual which is not the look I wanted. I might tweak it or move onto another pattern.

Which reminds me. I took some birthday money and finally subscribed to Ottobre magazine! I subscribed to the children's issues as well as the women's issues and I'm looking forward to some very well drafted women's patterns.

On the "coming up next" front I will finally get around to making the new spice tins to hang on the fridge.

Also will be turning this expired shirt of my dad's into a kitchen curtain.


Morgan said...

Oh I'm so envious of the Otto subscription. I'm thinking that'd be an awesome use for birthday money!! Darn that I have to wait until Feb for that!! LOL I love the idea of the spices on the fridge too. Can't wait to see what you do with them :)
~Morgan (kangababys mom)

Marielle said...

Thanks morgan! I've been on the fence about subscribing for years and finally got tired of messing with other patterns and their sizing.

Did you know that Ottobre publishes a free printable pattern or design on their website every issue? Here it is: