Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh my belly acheth.

I can't even say it's the baby's fault. Oh sure, I could pretend but it wouldn't be true. It's all my own doing. See, yesterday I was engaged in a lighthearted conversation with some other pregnant moms discussing the few things that appealed to us in the food department lately. I'm prone to getting hyperfocused on a recipe anyway but when I'm pregnant my cravings rule the roost and when a recipe catches my eyes I will not let it go. Doesn't matter whether the recipe is good or mediocre, my mind and stomach will not rest until I've made it.

So in that conversation someone mentioned fresh bread spread with butter and within minutes I had looked up a recipe from Joy the Baker that had popped up on my google reader just a few days before. Within a couple of hours this was on my stovetop waiting for the second rise.


Much later impatiently cut while warm and spread with butter.


But then I went and did something absolutely terrible. In an effort to to be efficient I printed off a recipe for Swedish Apple Pie that I saw pop up on Salad In A Jar thinking I would make it sometime later this week. Sigh. What a farce. By midafternoon this baby was cooling on my stovetop and a few moments later resting in my stomach. I'll never make another rolled crust apple pie again. It was worth it, until I had to admit that I probably should have chosen one recipe and not both to test considering my stomach right now is the size of a coin purse being squashed up more and more everyday.


Brings to mind an exchange between my dad and his doctor who told my dad quite solemnly that he need to lose some weight for his health. My dad smiled, rubbed his belly and told the doctor, "Do you know how much I've invested in lobster, steak and fish for this belly?"


Marin!! said...

Ha ha ha ha! Now I see where you get your wicked sense of humor!

What did the doctor say to that? I bet he was speechless.

Sorry your belly aches. At least it was fun while it lasted, right;)

Marielle said...

I don't know what the doc said but I can only wager that he earned ever single cent of his fee with my dad's antics.