Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome to the seedy part of town.

Where the thick fog hides injustices at every corner. Evil around every bend.


In the midst of such darkness, rough men. Banding together to plot against the innocent, unchecked.


But never fear! Justice is here. He rides a ten speed but that's okay because coolness is a state of mind after all.


Mr. Maricucu would cringe at my poor comic book writing skills. Oh and who knew that lego minifigs came with stubble? Not I. Although it did spark a discussion with the six year old and what a five o'clock shadow means. Seriously, this homeschooling thing? Totally not what I thought I'd thought it would be. Instead it's way more fun and I don't respond to a superintendent so my sarcasm goes unchecked. Muahahaha.

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