Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One year olds are exhausting.

I'm pretty sure if you have one around your neck of the woods on a regular basis you know that already. When you're a first time parent you can't wait for the baby to learn to walk. Little do you know that once they start, they won't stop. And then they have the nerve to start poking around in your stuff. How dare a mobile baby, get curious enough to tear apart previously semi-neat nooks of stuff in your home?

Well because apparently God has a sense of humor and when you're thinking, "it will be soooo nice to see baby crawl/walk/talk" He's willing to make things happen and then sit back and watch you eat your words. A little one year old around this house has been exploring with abandon. Anything with a solid bottom surface gets turned over and becomes a step stool.


Oh my word thank goodness for doorknob covers but having two older kids I know that's only temporary people. Pretty soon she'll be teaching the plumber how to open the door on his way out.


That gate in the background? It's supposed to keep her out of the dining room. She spends all day trying to find a way into the dining room so she can climb on the chairs and then proceed to climb on the table. Lately I feel like my house is one long episode of Prison Break and she's Scofield, testing out every weakness in our home.


Every chance she gets to slip into my room unnoticed (when certain older siblings leave the gate open) she immediately makes a break for the trunk at the foot of my bed to climb on our bed. Which would be no big deal except she walks on my bed like she's Jesus walking on water and not a one year old who has forgotten there is an edge to the bed.

See, one year olds are just old enough to physically get around, tear things up and explore yet not old enough to be entertained for more than two seconds with their own toys. They're not very verbal yet and even if they sign, they could care less what you have on the agenda. Like my great grandmother used to say, "kids and crazy are the same thing." Obviously she had met many a one year old. All I can do is pop more vitamins because I need to keep up with her.



Margaret said...

yeah. I've got one too. Good luck!

Denise said...

you are in trouble aren't you. but she's so cute!

Chula said...

I'm in the same boat as you, I think our little ones are only a month apart. it's amazing the fearlessness they have!

Marielle said...

Margaret and Delma, my sisters in exhaustion. May our reprieve come soon!

Thanks for the compliment Denise. Cuteness is definitely what keeps me going LOL.