Monday, November 2, 2009

Something beautiful

It's no big secret that I had a homebirth last year. No secret that I loved it and that it was the best decision my husband and I ever made. However my one regret is not having more pictures. Don't get me wrong, we have pictures. My husband took pictures and my super doula friend took pictures. It's just that during labor I transform from Marielle into what Mick Jagger looks after an evening of partying. It's not pretty and the pictures including my head will only be seen by my children and only after I'm no longer on this earth.

A couple of weeks ago I remembered this video and definitely had to share it. My friend J, the laboring mom in this birth montage is a vision of beauty. And her video demonstrates what I try to convey with my words about our experience in having a homebirth. It's a celebration, an extended welcome party for the new baby that includes the father and siblings. It's the type of experience that I wish for every woman. Every woman deserves dignity and support during the laboring process from those who believe her body knows what to do. So pull out a hanky and enjoy watching the miracle of birth and how love grows in a family.


Chula said...

I had a homebirth with my 2nd and it was definitely an amazing experience one I hope to have again someday. We didn't take any pics but I do have a video next time i'm going to make sure someone is taking stills. Thanks for sharing this beautiful video.

Lowell said...

So beautiful. You have such a way of saying what I'm thinking so much better than I could ever say it myself.

Marielle said...

Thank you both. I definitely get a little rush whenever I hear of a mom making the decision the have a homebirth.