Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kids' Herbal Wellness Tea

A while back I subscribed to Home Education Magazine. For a magazine that tackles a very alternative topic I found it balanced, very well written and a joy to read on a monthly basis. I believe it was the same issue showing a mom and her kids mummifying a chicken over the course of weeks (oh yeah!) that had this wonderful recipe. Sophia Dobra, the mom of a couple of boys said she gave this tea to them on a daily basis and that the weighing of the ingredients also served for a homeschooling lesson.

There is an amazing array of immune boosting herbs like rosehips (full of vitamin C) and nettle, as well as elder flower which is believed to be a potent and natural antiviral. The hibiscus flower makes the tea a vibrant shade of cranberry. For a more detailed profile on each herb visit the Mountain Rose Herbs site and search for the individual herb then click on "contemporary info".


The recipe for the tea is very simple. Mix equal parts by weight of each herb and store in an airtight container. Oh and let me pass on a tip for those new to purchasing bulk herbs. If you perhaps think that you'll save yourself some shipping and just order 8oz of each herb do not be shocked to find a huge box dropped at your doorstep that has you hu
sband making jokes about setting off drug-sniffing dogs. Let's just say I blended tea once and am still using that batch. Eight ounces of each dried herb is a lot. You might want to order less.

Kids Herbal Wellness Tea
adapted from Sophia Dobra via Home Education Magazine

chamomile, leaf and flower

lemon balm, leaves
hibiscus, flowers
spearmint or peppermint, leaves
nettle, leaves
elder flower
red clover, flower

Steep 1 tablespoon of herbs per cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. Drink daily for a delicious immune boost. You can also cold brew this tea. I just place the herbs and water in a mason jar and give it several hours in the fridge. The taste is not strong at all, just a mild mint flavor so I usually mix this with either apple juice, cranberry juice or for a special treat, sparkling grape juice. If the child isn't feeling well then offering the tea with a bit of honey and warm is wonderfully soothing.


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