Sunday, November 15, 2009

A little Spanish and a little fabric.

A pomegranate I ate last week. My mom would relish in buying these when I was a kid and I never understood the allure - until now. Tart, tangy, juicy and messy they are delicious. The boys tasted as well and only the older one found it an interesting taste. In Spanish these are called granada (grrrah-nah-dah), like the city in Spain.


Which is why I can't help but break out in mental Placido Domingo whenever I think of a pomegranate. Sort of like food and culture word association.

On the fabric front I had a very exciting date last night with my fabric cutter. Yes, I'm easy to please. These cute novelty fabrics are all cut up and ready to go to a very generous swap host.


In return I'll receive 100 unique squares to use as I please but the purpose is some type of I Spy project. We'll see.



Denise said...

OMG I love that car print! We ate a pomegranate last week too- DH bought it and I wondered how I was the one stuck opening it! LOL...It was delicious though.

Lowell said...

hmm.. last week must have been pomegranate week because we ate them too. Delaney couldn't seem to decide yay or nay, but Harper liked them.

Cute fabrics!

Marielle said...

Hmmm, I wonder if the grocery stores had some sort of pomegranate subliminal message going on last week LOL? Yeah the kids couldn't get over crunching on the seeds so they spit theirs out.

Thanks, my favorite is the freaked out chicks. Those eyes are scary.

Marin!! said... that's why grenadine is called grenadine. I always wondered where the name came from since it is pomegranate flavored. You know, pommme in french means apple so maybe pomegranate means "Granada apple" or something. Sorry...I am always interested in where words come from.....

Marielle said...

Marin, I knew there was a reason we hang out together. I loved your off the cuff etymology and it totally makes sense. All those romance languages swirled together.

Lowell said...

I really like the aqua chickens below that one. I have some kind of fabric buying anxiety syndrome going on. I go to the online fabric stores, spend an hour loading my cart with fabrics, and then become terrified that I'm going to spend $30 and not like any of them. I can't make anything if I don't have any fabric though... it's a problem.

I just bought and felted wool sweaters and am going to attempt to make stockings for the girls. We'll see how that goes.

Marielle, have you ever made or considered making soap. I have a bit of a soap buying addiction, but I think it would be fun to make my own. That whole caustic lye thing bothers me a bit though.

Good logic Marin!

Marielle said...

Ahhh a woman after my own heart - the Hen Rietta print is one of my favorites too. I hear you on the indecision but I find clicking through a bit easier than shopping in person (and it helps that they cut extra). Also I tend to love the fabric even more when it arrives and I see it closely.

I love the felted sweater stockings. Will definitely have to file that away.

Hmm, soaps I've considered but like you that caustic lye gives me pause (although with cold process it would only mean curing longer). However my biggest hangup is another set of supplies in my crazy mish mash of hobbies. LOL