Friday, November 6, 2009

Get well techniques.

When we're sick I have a few tried and true recipes that get us back on the road to wellness. Most are from this wonderful book by Aviva Jill Romm that has been my go to manual for the last 4 years. Most of the recipes are applicable to babies, children and adults and she really gives you a good bit of detail on the science of the herbs themselves. Romm has an amazing homemade electrolyte replacement drink recipe using household items, a cough syrup blend, commonsense comforting techniques making for an overall empowering book. My copy is very dogeared and well worn but it's the best $13 I ever spent.


Tool #2: Tea. Specifically Kids Wellness tea that I preblend and always have on hand. I'll share that recipe tomorrow. Tonight since Mr. Maricucu and I are pretty stopped up I added a teaspoon of thyme to each cup of water for the tea. Thyme is a wonderful antimicrobial, and also helps immensely to get the congestion flowing and out. Surprisingly it's an earthy/herbal taste, not what you would expect from such a strong herb. For the taste finicky in our home (read: the grownups) I cut it half and half with apple juice and we drink it chilled. For a very sick and lethargic child I offer this slightly warm and straight. Drink as often as possible and keep plenty of tissues nearby.


Tool#3: I increase everyone's dosage of vitamin D3 slightly and start everyone on vitamin C and zinc. I definitely find that this shortens the length of most illnesses. Of course rest and a warm rice pack are like gold around here when we're sick. Comfort and allowing our bodies to do what they need to get better.

Tomorrow the Kids' Wellness Tea blend.


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