Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A few changes around these parts.



After. Yes, the teeth have continued to fall out around here except this time it was one of the top teeth creating quite the gap. I think he looks absolutely adorable and he does much better than his own momma (God bless my parents) who would allow the loose tooth to hang by a fleshy thread for weeks, moaning and whining about the pain.


And a change for me too. I hacked off my hair. As in I cut it. Nothing like looking through your wedding pictures to spur on a cut-your-hair, pluck-those-eyebrows, try new makeup moment. I know I've mentioned before that I tend to cut my own hair but this time I was half paying attention while keeping an eye on the kids and ended up with a shorter cut than I intended.

However, I'm in love with it. Those who know me, know that I love big hair. I like volume and once I embraced my curls have been on the prowl for the perfect volumizing cut especially after having kids and losing that thick mane of hair I used to have. Don't be surprised if I grow it out, then hack it off again. I don't color my hair due to pure laziness so I amuse myself by growing it long, then chopping it off.

Oy, that end of the day glow is soooo not a glow at all.


I promise tomorrow I'll actually post a recipe. Might even be ice cream, or sunscreen.


Stacy said...

He's adorable. I love it when the two front teeth grow in and are still surrounded by those itty-bitty baby teeth.

Your hair looks great; I wish I had the intestinal fortitude to cut mine myself. It's about time for it to come off so I'll have curls again. :)

Marin!! said...

Wow! If I knew how to type the wolf whistle noise I would. Your hair looks great!

Ahhh....Mr. I looks so cute with the missing front tooth too!

Marielle said...

Stacy I'm so looking forward to that stage.

Thank you both for the compliments. Marin you rock the short cut and Stacy, definitely you'll be rocking those curls.

Ann said...

Marielle, you look beautiful ! and Mr. Ian is growing up wayyyyy too fast. He's so cute with his missing tooth.