Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little bit more excess.

Because it wouldn't be me to reign in and do reasonable. More hearts, left pile the ends still to be woven in, right pile all done. In the pile will be a one-of-a-kind quilted fabric heart too. Fiddly but fun.


For a person who loves to wear red and brighter pinks on her body, I sure do keep a lot of blue and green fabric/yarn.


A new obsession. I saw these cute little letters on Creative Jewish Mom and decided to give them a try. One thing kept bugging me. I didn't want to have to give every bean a clear coat to protect the sharpie from rubbing off. Then I remembered a wood burning tool I saw at the store for next to nothing and thought it might work on a dry bean. Well lookie here, it worked just fine. I still need to practice my line formation with the woodburning tool and next time I'll nestle the beans in some playdough so my fingers and nails don't come precariously close to the 950 degree metal tip. Ouch.



Natalie said...

Hola Marielle bella!
Love our Latin Mamas. Thank you for visiting Chickenblog, for your sweet words.

The playdough holder is inspired, because I do not want to think of your finger tips near that hot tool. I soldered chicken wire on my fingers... not good.

I want to see where those beautiful hearts are going.

Jessica said...

Am also wondering where the hearts are hearts in non-Valentine colors. We made some borax crystal hearts yesterday, and Alex wanted yellow which I kind of balked at at first but now I'm glad we went with his choice (I made mine pink, though!).

Love that bean idea...I definitely cannot imagine sealing beans as I would cover them with fingerprints and smudges and am not patient enough by a long shot. Perfect solution and what fun they'll be to use.

Lowell said...

Wondering at what store the wood burning tool was next to nothing?

Also wondering about the hearts.

Not sure if you saw my FB post, but if you ever get around to FV you might want to check out the Guardian Angel thrift store some time. They have a bit of crafting stuff usually. I totally made out with fabric there this week.

creative jewish mom said...

I just love the wood burning tool on the beans idea! Funny enough I just ordered a wood burning tool myself! I'd love it if you would drop by my international blog linking party on Sunday, hope to see you there!