Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's like clockwork.

Last week we received some more of this:



So I made some of these (recipe to come this week):


I've seen more snow this winter than we've had in all the 10 years of living in North Carolina. Apparently we're getting some more this week and I'll admit to being a wimp. I don't think that even with the addition of snow tires, snow plows, blowers and heavy duty coats I would ever be inspired to take out my crew on a daily basis anywhere in winter. That's why we wimps end up in the pseudo north I guess. Somebody tell my father in law he needs to come down from Buffalo and take his snow back home.


Gina said...

those look good! And we don't want a single flake of that back. ;) I'm near-ish to Buffalo, and we don't want more. LOL. Going out in winter is definitely hard. Can't wait for spring! Stay warm!

Marielle said...

We had some more last night but thankfully it just stuck to the grass. Either way it makes for slushy conditions in the backyard and for the kids.

LOL - I'm sure you guys get plenty of snow as it is even well into Spring.