Saturday, February 27, 2010

His and Hers Sewing

For Mr. Maricucu a rice pack for his eyes. A couple of weeks ago his ophthalmologist mentioned that in order to rid himself of dry eyes he should apply warm compresses to his eyes which should help unplug his eye ducts. Poor guy was doing warm, wet washcloths which would get cool after a while and I imagine kind of clammy. I told him I could sew him up a rice sock and I fashioned this one from tracing an eye mask of his, extending the ends a bit to fit his eyes. Filled it about 3/4 full of rice to make it firm but also flexible (so that the rice contours around his eyes and nose area) and after testing it once myself I'm pretty pleased with it. He nukes it for a few minutes and then goes to town.


For me an almost finished fingerless glove. I'm taking a progress picture because I've already gotten this far before and had to rip the whole thing out due to sizing. This time the fit is much better and I'm about two inches away from finishing then moving on to the second glove. I'm hoping that being fingerless, I'll be more prone to wear them out and about as well as in the evenings while knitting/crafting/sewing.


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