Monday, November 30, 2009

Renovation Realities

If you're familiar with the DIY Network then you've likely already discovered this gem. If not, you need to see Renovation Realities at least once. The premise of the show is to record the progress of a home renovation project when it's only the owners and their own funds involved. No production crew lending muscle power, no experienced contractor to avoid the usual pitfalls of home improvement and certainly no production budget.

Mr. Maricucu and I find it hysterical to see how sometimes our hesitation in thinking, "maybe we can't really do this on our own" is completely balanced by the people on this show who think it's so easy they can do it. But sometimes just thinking you can tackle a project is not enough and things don't always turn out. No, sometimes you end up spending double the money on what is ultimately shoddy workmanship and the kicker is you can only blame yourself. In this particular video even non-contractor me saw the goof-up coming a mile away. If you have some time to waste you can find other snippets from this show on youtube.

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