Monday, September 7, 2009

What's been keeping me busy.

Umm, this. No she hasn't learned yet how to get back down. Just up.


And this. Nothing is safe and her reach is amazingly long. Boy was she upset when I was cleaning her up. The nerve of me, messing up her kinesthetic art moment. *Unsnapped onesie is a sign of a true artiste!*


Seriously, someone just up and fast forwarded the usual development timeline for my kids. Both older brothers didn't even take a step until after their first birthday. This one up and walked around 9-10 months. Now she's climbing, reaching and grabbing all over the place.

Mr. Maricucu is off this week and it's kind of funny because it serves as a refresher course on what a day with all three kids but particularly this one, is like. He says it's exhausting. I concur. He says this third child is going to give us a run for our money. Oh yes and she's only going to be one year old!


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