Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best ten bucks I've ever spent.


I was at the local school supply store the other day with two of the kids to pick out a birthday present for the baby. After convincing my younger son that no, in fact the baby would not just looooove a fire truck for her birthday, we did indeed find a gift for her. On the way out I decided to peek in their science section in hopes of finding sturdy magnifying lenses for the boys. They spend a good deal of time in our backyard and I thought these would be put to use both inside and outside.

I figured I would find stodgy, practical and black magnifying glasses but tucked in a corner were these Jumbo Magnifiers from Learning Resources in a rainbow of colors. Not only are they sturdy with acrylic lenses that are very clear (the baby was banging on one, yes where's the paper bag to cover my head?), but they are truly jumbo. Four and a half inches in diameter. But wait, they have a kickstand! For handsfree operation and to use as a makeshift large scale microscope. Since the day I brought them the boys have taken them outdoors to study insects and cracks in the fort, as well as slept with them. Yup, I'd say money well spent.


Now, allow me to indulge my mom a bit. Some pictures from the baby's birthday.


She wasn't entirely convinced that this cake thing was so exciting.


However, once we removed the cake for cutting, she was not thrilled. Yes, my daughter sits like a lady - like a lady that's been riding a horse.


And she stands like one too. Ahh to have that flexibility.



Denise said...

Awww Happy Birthday to her! How sweet! I noticed how perfect the cake looked- do you cut your cake and stuff too to level it? LOL

Chula said...

Saw this and thought of you not sure if you have heard of it already or if it would be useful but here you go:

Marielle said...

awesome link Delma! Thanks.