Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's a good thing they're so cute.


My sister and I have children pretty close in age. Between the both of us we have a 6 year old, 5 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old and soon to be one year olds each, albeit in sets of 3 and 900 miles apart. Yeah, I know.

Most days with my kids are pretty hectic in a normal kid sort of way but satisfying and enjoyable. Then other times we get in a little crazy "full moon" all bets are off, I'm going to act my age periods that have sis and I calling each other across the 900 miles between us with a "what the heck is going on????" Yesterday was a day that I should have been on conference call with my little sister all day long (and believe me I would have if she weren't teaching a classroom of middle schoolers math. God bless her).


Nothing major but just an overwhelming perfect storm of fussy velcro teething baby combined with a just now feeling better set of parents and two very energetic we've-been-feeling-better-for-days boys who had no outside time due to the rain. If I had any tics I was willing to share with the world wide web, let's just say they've all been activated. There is not enough calgon, chocolate or fabric to begin to take away yesterday. Just time and a loving husband who scoops in and lets me eek out a little one on one time with me, myself and I. One day, I'll miss this day. One day this will be funny and one day I'll be able to pass on some sage wisdom from yesterday to my then grown children as they become parents. Until that day, flipping through baby pictures helps to take the edge off - just a teensy bit.


So to H., if your day was like mine I've been telepathically sending you chocolate, wine and time alone.


momto9 said...

HA! YES.........I can so so relate to everything you said....and my sister lives very far away!!

Marielle said...

LOL - great to have struck a chord. Ahh the sisterhood of motherhood runs across many boundaries.