Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things going trough my head as I watched this video

1. Oh no, if the kids got into the yarn!
2. Oh no, what if my dogs messed with the yarn?
3. Gah, can you imagine if you drop a stitch?!
4. At least you don't have to rack your brain over the perfect color right?
5. Let's hope there's no mohair in there for our allergic friends.
6. Mr. Maricucu might begin to wonder about me if I were to bring in that much yarn home.
7. Although . . .Mr. Maricucu might think my current stash of anything is tiny compared to this. Hmmmmm.
8. The needles, yes the needles would definitely be ripped out by little boys wanting to use them as swords. Note to self: Obviously performance art knitting is out until the kids head off to college.
9. Never mind, I'm kind of clumsy. Even without the kids I might trip and gouge my neck with such big needles.
10. Anybody else think the finished product looks like it came straight out of Fraggle Rock?

Okay, enough scary views into the workings of my brain. Back to logical tutorial posting tomorrow. Promise. However, if you're wanting to see more extreme knitty things, check out Miriam Tegels, the world's fastest knitter. Seriously freaky how quickly her hands move.


Denise said...

wow- i'm not a knitter though I hope to be some day. Makes regular knitting look easy eh? Here's a funny- out of the mouths of babes. Colin was watching with me and I told him it was 'extreme knitting' and he said 'they're gonna be extremely tired' LOL.

Marielle said...

LOL at Colin. Yeah I'm tired from watching them prep the yarn alone. If it took that much work to knit it would likely be a spectator sport. Hmmmm, can you imagine knitting teams and leagues? Rivalries and dangerous needle fights?