Thursday, April 9, 2009

My kids like to keep me on my toes

Oh sure, I could have it easy and just expect to have my living room looking like a Crate and Barrel catalog but nooooo. That would be too straight forward. Too simple.

Instead the bookshelf I lovingly imagined would be a source of delightful reading moments looks like this about 3/4 of the day:

Hey, I'm all about empowering them to put the books back on their own and when the three year old is doing it, well that's as good as it gets. We do have delightful reading moments, don't get me wrong I just never envisioned books being used to build runways from one room to another:

Alternatively books are used to build mazes that elaborately run from the breakfast counter to the middle of the living room where the coffee table used to live prekids. Or garages. Never mind that someone *cough*abuela*cough* bought these children a beautiful wooden firefighter station and parking garage each. Garages apparently are much better made of Little House on the Prairie and monster books.

Ahhh, one day when my house does end up looking like a home furnishing catalog I'll be pestering my children over the phone to find out when they'll be bringing the grandchildren over to spoil, um visit. In the meantime I'll leave you with what I found around the corner from the couch. Dolly #2 tucked in for his nap. Can I join in? :


Marin!! said...

I spy "Pajama Time".....hee hee

Marielle said...

LOL - yes Ms. Boynton is a genius in this household.