Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm pretty lucky

I love my sister in law and she loves me. No really, I'm not kidding. Don't tell anyone but I'm pretty sure she loves me more than her brother (sorry Mr. Maricucu!). All kidding aside she's a great woman, has raised an amazing teenage girl (and that's a feat in itself, I bow to you A!), loves my kids, and just spoils us to death in her presence and from afar. Between her and my mom I have no need to celebrate my birthday.
So, A's birthday was last fall and I was soooooo late. I promise that I won't ever bring it up again but I was due with my daughter right around that time and had pretty much given up on going anywhere or doing anything. Oh sure, I started her present I just hadn't gotten around to mailing it ohhhhh, for another five months.


Anyway, A moved into a pretty amazing house a few years ago and when I last visited she had the most beautiful red chenille couch mixed in with some swanky craftstman decor that I knew would go well with this American Primer coaster set. The coasters were dead easy, follow the Martha Stewart tute right
here just don't go all Martha on the turning part. Sew the two fabric squares and the batting inside out, leave an inch or two for turning, turn and THEN sew the opening shut. Much better than trying to wiggle in a piece of batting after sewing. Remember class, done is better than perfect.

I used part of the American Primer charm pack from moda and in a move filled with self sacrifice used some of the most gorgeous red and blue patterns. Then I thought I'd whip up a crocheted box in cotton worsted yarn. Famous last words. The box took longer than the whole set of coasters because of my knitpicking perfectionism. Finally sewed it up, added a lining and sent it off to her. Good thing too or the boys were going to wrestle me for the set to use as firefighter coasters (around here
it's all firefighter, all the time).

Here are the various fabrics (ignore the hideous amounts of dust on my sewing table). I just love those large floral prints at each end. I might have to get my hands on some yardage of those:

All tied up and ready to go. Why yes, of course I must put my name on everything I make like some temperamental fashion designer. And no, I don't even sell for a living :

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