Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Black thumb check!

Garden? Huh?

Yup, last year's minor success means only one thing - going whole hog this year. Four 3x7' beds and two blueberry bushes. One bed is planted only with strawberries since they send runners all over the place. In the others I'll have some culinary/medicinal herbs and tons of veggies, at least that's the hope. Crummy photos as I was snapping them from inside (long story but the short one is I'm lazy):

And finally a little payoff from being lazy. Last year's box was just a simple 4x4' bed that we threw seeds into. I wasn't planning on eating anything but we did get to sample carrots, lettuce, cilantro and a handful of green beans. Delicious. I didn't get a chance to clean out the bed after the season (you know childbirth can get in the way of things) so the cilantro went to seed and this year I have 4 cilantro plants growing like weed all over the box. Today's harvest for some meatballs this week:

the overgrown box which this year will belong to the kids:

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