Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bonus Post - Happy Birthday H!

Today I get to wish my beautiful, intelligent and amazing younger sister a Happy Birthday! She's a mother of three, an elementary school teacher and a pretty loving sister. Unfortunately for her, in my possession are pictures that would wreck a political career.

So HappyBirthday H! Hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane. You can thank mom for giving YOU the rest of your embarrassing photos, preventing me from making this a weekly feature.

H was always a bit of a tomboy but she sure did clean up well when mom did the job. You have to love the unabashed pride of a toothless child. The sausage curls? They were my mom's doing. I got those too and they looked nice for the first 20 minutes then the humidity would get to our hair and that's why you get Exhibit A.

Dominicans have a name for that awkward stage kids go through from about age 10-13 - it's the age of the turkey (la edad del pavo). Instead of tween we have a phrase that describes that quirky, lanky, self-conscious but not embarrassed preteen. My sister embodied that and more, in fact most of us questioned that she ever outgrew the stage. In exibit B she's joined by Kathy the chihuaha- my mother's answer to her kids growing up.

Now in solidarity, I'll include the rest of the sibling group in the walk of shame. We were going to church so we thought we were looking fine in these getups. No more words, I'll let you take this one in silence.

I love you H! So here's a more dignified shot of her as a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. Perhaps this will atone for all you've seen before.

I'm so sorry. Please don't do this to me too. I had really bad hair until about 5 years ago so it's not pretty.

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