Sunday, April 19, 2009

A brain spew

Being a homeschooler gives me a great excuse to learn about many odd things. For a person who can forget where she put her keys this morning yet can recall obscure facts about ancient crafts she heard 3 years ago, it's a perfect fit.

This week I was hypnotized by someone playing the theremin on TV. Of course I had to look it up. My only question now is, how much for one of these things? Or anyone know where you can rent one? Looks pretty neat.

It's not just me. We encourage the kids to explore any and all interests. Which is why my oldest likes to check out plumbing and HVAC books from the reference section at the library. He doesn't read yet, but I read them to him although mostly he studies the pictures and diagrams. He's been obsessed with all things plumbing and pipes since he was 2 years old. The younger son loves cars and all things trucks. Both boys are nearly obsessed with firefighters and the favorite video around here is a realistic "one day in the life of a firefighter" DVD.

One day my oldest asked me a question about bells. About 20 minutes later we'd viewed a few videos online showing how church bells worked and then some bell performances. Next thing you know this is the scene on my kitchen counter.

I had the glasses arranged by pitch but after a few rounds they decided to mix things up a bit and we spent a good 20 minutes doing just that. That's an eternity in 3 and 5 year old land.

Now, some accountability. I'm sewing up 30+ cloth napkins and am posting just to be sure I follow through and finish sometime soon. Details on this later.

Finally, can someone send my daughter a memo? Please let her know that at 7 months old she's not supposed to be doing this yet. Something tells me she's not going to listen.

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