Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let me step away from all the holiday hoopla . . .

. . . to show you what I'm definitely going to be watching in January.

It's going to be beyond hysterical to watch these cooks (poor things were actually nominated by friends and family). Not because I consider myself some amazing cook but because let's be honest here, we allll have our days when what comes out of the kitchen resembles more wishful thinking than something edible. In fact, I remember being utterly shocked when I found out that my aunt of the pastelito/catering fame, awesome cook that she is apparently couldn't cook worth a lick even as a grown woman. My parents told me the story of the meatballs that looked like turds and tasted shall we say, slightly worse. In my own history are the red beans I made for my dad as a teen which I tried to recreate by looks instead of taste and had my dad chugging Pepto that evening. Who knew that my mom did not add ketchup, worcestershire sauce, A1 sauce, mustard and barbecue sauce to her beans? Obviously not me. So I'll be curling up with Mr. Maricucu to cheer on Chef Burrell (one of my faves) while she gets a couple of home cooks into culinary shape and enjoying the follies of those who don't make it all the way.

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