Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've been so productive this week of Mr. Maricucu's vacation that I'm posting about my deodorant. No, actually I'm posting a slight caveat to my original homemade deodorant post and what I'm using now.

See, while I loved, loved, loved the homemade deodorant - it didn't love me. It worked, I didn't stink but after several weeks I experienced a rash and itchiness. I even took a break from the deodorant then restarted to see if that was the culprit and it was. After a little sleuthing on the 'net (which can easily turn you into the biggest hypochondriac, ask me how I know), I realized the baking soda was too basic and the culprit for my rash. I then began washing my 'pits at night and splashing a little apple cider vinegar on them. Poof! Problem solved. The apple cider vinegar was bringing back my skin into a proper PH. So why didn't I keep on using it? I'm lazy. Seriously, google my blog for the word lazy and you'll realize it's a pervasive theme.


So what's a person to do? I went back to my mami's wisdom. See, my mom tried the deodorant too, as did a close friend. They also had the reaction but mom had previously used this salt crystal deodorant. I've got nothing but love for people who are willing to be guinea pigs for my crazy concoctions. I know, you're thinking you've heard of a bunch of people who have used the salt crystal and no results. Well, seems my mom got some kind of secret memo to slather this stuff on even though it feels like you're rubbing yourself with a slippery rock. Now, don't tell her I told you so but mami sweats like a man, as do I. Aside from the initial adjustment period where your body adjusts the sweat factor to account for your not using an antipersperant, this little rock works. Oh and did you see the price? Five dollars for a year's worth of deodorant that won't scar your pits, mess with your glands or your future senility. Can't beat that.

So I keep the crystal in my shower and while my underarms are still wet I slather it on and let them airdry. Also, I don't get irritation if I shave right before putting this one. Which is not the case with the baking soda deodorant. Try putting on that baby right after shaving and don't be surprised when your significant other wonders why you're trying to reach Mariah Carey octaves in the bathroom. Only did that once.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the company that makes this deodorant. I'm just a now loyal user who loves this stuff.

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