Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yikes, the paparazzi have found me.


And they're pretty persistent. However, being 4 and 6 year old boys they are easily distracted still by the non-camera holding brother's antics, silly faces and um, bodily noises. I've bequeathed my children the first digital camera I ever owned. It's a 2 megapixel cybershot purchased when I was pregnant with my oldest child and yes it's still kicking.


I will admit it was a tiny bit freaky to see them pressing every button, figuring out the menu functions in a matter of minutes. I've reached the point that I don't bother with learning my cell phone functions beyond answering a call.

To say I felt old and outdated is an understatement.


How can I not smile when he smiles behind the camera and orders me to say cheese?

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